Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Learning Spaces

Our EYFS environment changes constantly to meet the needs and interests of the children and the topics they are exploring but here are some of the constants.

The very popular role play area transforms regularly into house, vet, hospital, café, seaside, Grandma’s cottage and provides a fantastic space for children to develop imagination, language and social skills.

Every Monday, open the Talking Tub to introduce a new subject for our Talking Table. Children independently or with staff discuss and further explore the items. This develops children’s vocabulary and communication and the pupils are fascinated by the examples.

Our Maths Area is regularly set up to provide children with the opportunity to do lots of child-initiated learning.  We provide weekly activities in this area that follow on from the daily shared learning time. Of course, early maths knowledge is developed in all areas including sand, water and construction activities.

Our themed Reading Areas provide the children we a calm, relaxing place to enjoy books of all genres. Children are encouraged to take books home to share with parents. Puppets, toys and dressing up items are included so that children can retell and join in with favourite stories. Small world toys and scenarios support story telling.

Art and creative areas are constantly available throughout our Early Years provision. Children’s imagination thrives as they invent their own pictures and models or learn new skills through adult direction.

Children take part in regular Funky Finger activities every week and have many opportunities to develop their physical movements in our fine motor and malleable provision.

Our recently refurbished Outdoor Area ensures children have the opportunity to climb and develop physical skills as they create assault courses with our giant balancing equipment.  Large outdoor construction areas provide the children opportunities to create and design giant models such as boats and cars. Our outdoor sand and water areas also provide children with the opportunities for sensory play. We also have our brand-new reading sheds and writing areas allow children to build upon their love of reading outdoors as well as indoors. Children are able to explore

The outside area is seen as an extension of the classroom and the above opportunities will be available outside as well as inside. Through all of our strands we aim to develop the children as they Play and Explore, be an Active Learner and to have Creative and Critical Thinking.

Children love exploring the world, music and stories in our immersive room which provides a surround video experience with smoke, smells and movement.

We ensure that all of our play areas are kept safe and clean. The toys and resources provided are all in line with what we teach in the EYFS curriculum and latest research in child development. 

Have a look at our learning spaces!