Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

At Oasis Academy Limeside, we recognise that behaviour is a form of communication and often reflects an emotion or feeling. Our core belief in behaviour management is grounded in the belief that we can develop our ability to self-regulate our emotions and behaviour. Relationships between adults and children are integral for this to occur. We believe that children can learn to become more independent and develop self-regulation through guidance.

Our policy is to embed a trauma-informed approach to behaviour. It incorporates 5 core principles:

1. Relationships, empathy and feeling safe take precedent over other means of discipline.

2. Discipline represents an opportunity to teach and nurture at Limeside. We do this using repair and reflect sessions.

3. We aim to understand the function behind a behaviour through a graduated response.

4. The child or young person is separate from their behaviour, and it is understood by all that behaviour is a form of communication.

5. Routines help people to feel safe, but some children and young people need differentiation within an overall structure.

Our Expectations
At Oasis Academy Limeside, we have three expectations:

  • We are ready to learn
  • We are kind
  • We are safe







The Limeside Way

We have high expectations of the way that adults and children act throughout the school day, including the way they relate to one another and provides a predictable.

'The Limeside Way is the way we do things round here'.







Positive rewards and reinforcement are given to and shared with the children throughout the day. Rewards will be applied clearly and fairly to reinforce routines, expectations, and norms of the academy's behaviour culture. The aim is to promote confidence, motivation and to help pupils develop self-regulation, and supports pro-social behaviours. These include:

  • Verbal praise and personal feedback
  • Dojo points
  • Marbles in a jar - whole class reward
  • Sharing learning with other teachers, classes, ALT and with parents via Class Dojo
  • Sharing positive news with parents
  • Celebration assembly

If children do not follow the academy's expectations

When behaviour falls short of our high expectations, we will use de-escalation techniques to respond predictably, promptly, and assertively with the aim to restore a calm and safe environment. We will provide verbal reminders and reflection time to support pupils to re-focus on their learning. However, in the small number of instances where behaviour continues to escalate, the following sanctions may be used:

  • 5-minute reflection in a different classroom
  • Loss of social time
  • Rectifying damage (e.g. tidying classrooms, writing a letter of apology, etc.)
  • Working with a member of ALT
  • Positive Praise Plan
  • Suspension or fixed-term exclusion (incl. the use of reduced timetables)
  • Permanent exclusion

Permanent exclusion may be used in exceptional circumstances due to serious or persistent breaches of the academy's behaviour policy.