Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

Behaviour Expectations

We expect high standards of behaviour at all times. We encourage children to develop self-discipline and to care about themselves and others, respecting their rights and feelings.

There are four rules throughout the Academy:

  • Follow directions
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • No name calling, teasing or inappropriate language in any form
  • Stay on task

Children who follow these rules consistently are rewarded with ‘Goal-den’ time on a Friday. This is a chance for children from different age groups to come together to pursue a wide variety of self-selected individual interests. Current ‘Goal-dens’ include: sports, film-making, sewing, art, construction, computers, games, comic making, chess and mind challenges.

For children who do not follow the rules the following sanctions apply:

Preliminary Warnings consisting of name up on the sheet, followed by 3 warnings then a missed break.

Step 1 Green Card - miss all breaks / written apology / letter home / no after school clubs / the implementation of an intervention to improve behaviour.
Step 2 Yellow Card - as above and interview with parent
Step 3 Amber Card - as above and child sent home for 1 lunch break 12 noon - 1pm / further interview with parent
Step 4 Red Card - all above followed by 1 day exclusion.
Parent and Academy Council are informed in writing.
Yellow, Amber and Red cards are given for repeated misbehaviour patterns of disobedience, bad language, aggressive behaviour, wilful damage or theft.

An exclusion can also be issued in exceptional circumstances where extreme behaviour gives the Principal no alternative or where a serious incident has to be investigated.

Where necessary, individual cases are forwarded to the community pastoral leader or the SENCO for intervention.


We have a wizard theme running through the Academy. The wizard is an expert learner. Children are encouraged to use wizard learning skills in all their Academy activities. Each week a child, who has demonstrated exceptional learning during the week is crowned the Learning Wizard in Celebration Assembly.

Achievement Assembly

Each Friday at 9.05am we hold our weekly achievement assembly in the school hall. Parents, grandparents & carers are welcome to join us in our celebrations. The assembly usually finishes by 10.05am.


We love to celebrate the children’s birthdays and are happy for you to bring in some small treats if you wish. Please note that the school has a Healthy Eating policy, so if it’s an edible treat, please make sure it is a healthy one, such as fruit, raisins or breadsticks. Some parents/carers prefer to bring a book to share as part of our Birthday Bookworm scheme.