Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


To further enrich their lives at the Academy, children are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Such activities vary from year to year but normally include football, hockey, netball, gymnastics and cheerleading, gardening, art, dance and Lego.  Parents are asked to contribute a small fee towards the cost of providing materials for these activities.

Sporting Aims 

Children at Oasis Academy Limeside are encouraged to participate in a variety of sporting activities ranging from gymnastics, dance, and small ball games to team games such as netball, football and rounders. In Year 5, children attend swimming lessons.

Whilst urging the children to do their best at all times, we also believe that children should learn to enjoy taking part and that winning is not the only mark of achievement.

Children are also given opportunities to develop their sporting skills at lunchtimes, when a programme of organised activities is provided.

Visitors and School Trips

We have a range of enrichment opportunities available through visitors to school and school trips. So far this year we have had visits from the Little City play team, an astronaut, various charities who have spoken to children about staying safe and various drama companies who have performed to the children including a pantomime.

Careers Week

Each year we also celebrate 'Careers Week'. This year we had visits from the Police, a midwife, an investment banker, a DJ, the fire brigade, a football coach, a security guard and an ex-army officer. The children had the opportunity to listen to speeches from these visitors and ask them questions about their careers.