Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We expect children to reinforce and extend the learning they are doing in the Academy at home. To this end, we set regular home learning tasks. The amount of time children are expected to spend on formal learning at home increases as they go through the Academy. Children are expected to read, learn spellings and times tables daily. In addition, they are given tasks to reinforce current topics at the Academy including in maths and English. These may be extended tasks over a period of time. Children in Years 2 to 6 have a homework diary, which can be used to promote communication between home and the Academy. Please write down anything you wish the teacher to know about their learning in your child’s diary.


Please click on your year group to download your weekly spelling list.

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  • Yr 4 spelling list
  • Yr 5 spelling list
  • Yr 6 spelling list

The spelling matrix is designed to help children learn spellings by using all their senses and linking new words to their existing spelling knowledge. First they should identify the parts of the word that are difficult for them to remember. Next they should try to fit the word into at least 5 of the boxes, paying particular attention to the tricky elements. They should write the word in full in each box as part of the process, checking carefully that it is spelt correctly and discussing the links they have found. Children should be encouraged to look at, say and feel the word as they write it.