Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Limeside Curriculum

We want our children and young people to:

At Oasis we strive to achieve exceptional education at the heart of the communities we work in; using cutting edge educational research into the science of learning (including memory and character development) we aspire to develop active citizens and lifelong learners who have a strong understanding of the world around them and a desire to drive positive impact locally, nationally and globally. 

We're really pleased to share with you the Curriculum Statement of Intent. This is a core document, outlining these aspirations for both primary and secondary aged children, and what we are doing to get them there.

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We want our children and young people to:

  • Be inspired to improve the world around them.
  • Have the ambition, skills and expertise to thrive in a fast changing, interconnected and communication rich world, with the confidence and technical expertise to thrive.
  • Have a network that supports them.
  • Be comfortable in who they are and able to continuously explore who they are becoming.
  • Be rich in language with a passion for learning.
  • Seek to include others, be other-centred and celebrate difference.
  • Have a values approach to life and a sense of what is right and wrong through the lived experience of the 9 habits.

Oasis Academy Limeside Curriculum Statement

At Oasis Academy Limeside we have designed our curriculum to reflect our community’s specific context and needs, whilst fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum. For example a unit on local suffragettes has been included to promote ambition and belief in local efficacy.  Whole school topics have been chosen to reflect aspects of human achievement and the natural world. Attached to each theme is a series of values and Personal and Learning Skills. Thus the curriculum is planned to simultaneously develop the 3Cs or golden threads of competence, character and community.

As we recognise that all our children have different starting points and experiences to draw on, we ensure that we provide our learners with additional enrichment opportunities during their time at our school. (See our Limeside promise).  This also includes significantly increasing their vocabulary and confidence and proficiency in spoken English. We also ensure that our children are presented with high quality, first-hand opportunities and life experiences aimed at improving their local and general knowledge to enhance their future learning and employment chances.

We are continuously revising our curriculum subjects to ensure that learning is sequenced systematically and coherently so that all children have the knowledge needed for their learning and remember their previous learning. To this end we identify key concepts and are tracking them through each subject so that there is a clear learning journey throughout school so that everyone knows what has gone before and why it is important in building future knowledge. Knowledge organisers and curriculum overviews identify the key knowledge that children should recall at the end of each topic.

We are highly ambitious for all of our children, irrespective of their background or academic prowess. All staff know what their children should achieve at the end of each year and the learning is carefully planned to meet these points. Our children with special educational needs and disabilities are also provided with a rich and relevant curriculum, which, where possible, matches that of their peers. Children with gaps in their knowledge are helped to catch up quickly.

All children, throughout the school, receive a broad and balanced curriculum, which is aimed at improving their knowledge and skills in a progressive manner across a full range of subjects. For example, all children learn to play an instrument In Year 6, we ensure that our children are ready for the end of key stage assessments without distracting them from receiving a very rich, broad and balanced curriculum.

At a localised level we embody our belief that learning is exciting and enabling in the figure of our learning wizard.