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Limeside goes to the Polls

The Red Party swept to victory, with the Green Party a close second when Key Stage 2 children voted in our own General Election.

Dodgeball Champions

This week, our year 5 and year 6 Dodgeball teams took part in a local tournament. The children played a round robin competing against each other. 

Cooking up a feast!

Year 4 prepared relishes to accompany poppadum’s including, Onion Chutney and Cucumber Raita. The children learnt some very useful cooking skills from the school chef and really enjoyed trying some of the food that they had prepared.

Year 2 visited Portland Basin Museum

Year 2 visited Portland Basin Museum this week as part of our topic. We looked around the Victorian village and took part in a Victorian school workshop to help us understand what it was like to go to school in the past. We had a fantastic day!

Sumdog visits Limeside!

Andrew Hall, the CEO of Sumdog, along with his lead product designer, visited Limeside this week